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Epsilon Tau Lambda, Prairie View, TX

A Votless People is a Hopeless People

"A Voteless People is a Hopeless People" was initiated as a National Program of Alpha during the 1930's when many African-Americans had the right to vote but were prevented from voting because of poll taxes, threats of reprisal, and lack of education about the voting process. Voter education and registration has remained a dominant focus of this outreach activity for over 65 years. In the 1990's, the focus has shifted to include political awareness and empowerment, delivered most frequently through town meetings and candidate forums.


Lets start what we finished in 2009!  All you hear is negative about President Barak Obama but one things he did do is create jobs and Universal Healthcare for all!  The midterm election is just as important as the presidential election, this is the time where the people vote/support the players for the president to pick from (Defensive or Offensive Coordinator for a football team). The president then chooses his team who will help see his agenda through.  


The thing is at the moment they are Republican, WE NEED DEMOCRATS in the senate.  We know Republicans don't care about our kind - Trayvon Martin's killer is still free and a host of others with the same situation i.e. Michael Brown and not to mention Michael Vick was crucified for fighting dogs! This is the world we live in. The Leader of the free world, Commander and Chief has been called a monkey! Openly at that!! Republicans don't want free healthcare insurance for its citizens; they want a low class and elite class with no in-between!  Why keep these people in the position to make these decisions for us?  


GO VOTE!!! In order to move from the item ON the menu to the guest INGESTING  the menu you have to get involved through participation and VOTING!!  You cant change the game if you don't play!  Do you realize with the right votes Democrats will be charge of funding for this nation??  That will benefit our race! PLEASE GO VOTE, YOU DO MATTER!!! 


If we lose the Senate, Republicans will block the President's appointments to these important positions. The Presidents appointments are his TEAM, the TEAM will be beneficial for US if its Democratic. If Republicans win, they will try to roll-back Obama Care!  GO VOTE!  First of All, We VOTE!!


Advocates for our community! Activisim.

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