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Epsilon Tau Lambda, Prairie View, TX
Epsilon Tau Lambda, Prairie View, TX

Alphas commit. Epsilon Tau Lambda's Boy Scouts Troop 1906.

The Boy Scouts of America and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity have goals and objectives which make for a "natural alliance" between the two organizations. Through this alliance, the two organizations are achieving their goals by utilizing the Scouting program to its greatest potential as a programming resource.

Alpha Chapters/Brothers have and continue to:

  • Charter Scout units;
  • Serve as district, council, regional, and national leaders;
  • Refer promising and credible individuals for careers as volunteer and professional leaders in the Scouting program;
  • Develop special relationships and programs in conjunction with established units and levels of leadership.

Through the Scouts, Alpha men get involved in their neighborhoods with young men and help form positive character and leadership qualities in and for future generations.

Healthly Feats!

Troop 1906's "10 Mile" Bike Ride and 1st Campout

Community Involvement....

Boy & Cub Scouts in Homecoming Parade & Cub Scout Crossover Ceremony

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